Why Therapy

"There is a solution to what is affecting you and your life and how you feel right now: - Mark Willison

How Does It Feel To Be You?

I had a client say to me recently that he never believed he would go to counseling. He’d never talked to anyone about how it felt to be him and didn’t see the need. Then something happened. He was told he should talk to someone. All of a sudden how it felt to be him was confusing, scary and life changing. He knew then, he’d better speak to a professional.

There Might Be 100 Reasons To Talk To Someone About How It Feels To Be You!

One thing we know to be true: life changes and most of us don’t get too far along in life without something happening that has been confusing, scary and life changing. For many, this might be a childhood event that’s affected their belief systems, their behaviors, their relationships and self-esteem. In adulthood that something worth talking about might be a broken heart, retirement or a lost job, it might be a personal illness or the illness of a loved one.

Another thing we know to be true: in addition to confused and scared, change can cause us to feel anxious and depressed, emotions that affect our thinking and behaviors, often resulting in us feeling paralyzed to move forward in a healthy way.

You Don’t Have To Face These Changes and Feelings Alone

Finding the right fit with a trained, experienced therapist can help immensely with your transition from confused and scared or depressed and anxious, to a place where you like how it feels to be you: happy and healthy. Each day I work with people from many different backgrounds with varied pasts, doctors, lawyers, contractors, teachers, retired folks and students, too.

I Help People Transition Out of Unhealthy Relationships and Careers Into Healthy Ones

We’re all the same when it comes to getting stuck in a pattern of poor decision making affecting our happiness. The work I do, be it short-term or long-term therapy for individuals or couples, is focused on finding solutions to your problems. Trust me, it may not feel like it today, but there is a solution to what is affecting you and your life and how you feel right now.

Together, We Can Find Solutions For You

Solution Focused Therapy is a technique that is focused primarily on finding healthy solutions to the issue(s) you are currently struggling with. Usually, counseling will involve some review of your life’s influences; family teachings, the roles and rules you were raised to follow, significant events that have impacted your life and how these influences have inspired the decisions and choices you’ve made. Solution focused therapy however is predominately forward thinking. Working together we’ll help you move through and then past what you’re feeling today to a happier, healthier more functional life.

If you are thinking about talking to a counselor about life changes, call me. Mark Willison 831 277 9999