Corporate Consulting

Is Your Company Emotionally Healthy?

There is nothing more important to the success of your company than the emotional health of those who work with and for you. Every company, no matter the size must function as a team with agreed upon ideals, goals and means to succeed.

Change Is Happening In Your Business

If dealing with personnel changes, changes in management styles or philosophies or to help you create a positive work environment for everyone, I bring years of experience to help you through these challenges. When consulting with businesses large or small, I provide team building and conflict resolution workshops and ongoing supervised trainings for all levels of personnel to help you identify and obtain your desired success.

Current And Past Clients

Past or current clients include McCormick & Company, Fresh Express, NASA, Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP), Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare Systems (SVMH), The Carmel Foundation, and more.

Wanting happier, healthier employees and a business that runs more efficiently? I can help. Give me a call.

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