Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety Is Not Fun

Let’s agree on something right away… having anxiety is no fun. Whether you are over stressed, have a mild sense of nervousness or you are experiencing a constant sense of doom, it’s not fun or healthy. Let’s be frank, anxiety is hard to live with.

Anxiety Can Lead To Depression And Substance Abuse

Anxiety can be overwhelming in all areas of your life; it can affect your sleep, your thinking, your breathing and your sense of physical comfort. It affects how we connect with others, how we work and play and sometimes, our desire for a future. Yes, anxiety can sometimes contribute to feelings of depression and to manage it at times that can lead to the misuse or abuse of alcohol and or drugs.

Feeling Like Your Heart Is Going To Explode?

Another type of an anxiety reaction is called a panic attack. This is an experience that seems to come out of nowhere and can involve chest pain, sweating, heavy breathing and fears of having a heart attack or dying. Anxiety attacks are at times serious reactions to unconscious thoughts related to past traumas. If you’ve had or are having anxiety attacks you should seek help immediately.

Tired Of Being Afraid Of … ?

Finally, sometimes anxiety is caused by phobias. Phobias can involve the fear of heights, dogs, snakes or anything you might fear. One phobia I often work with is called Social Phobia; where someone fears doing something in front of others that might be judged, ridiculed or rejected.

The Good News Is

You can learn to manage your anxiety and live a much more joy filled life. Through counseling and training you can manage or even overcome your anxiety altogether.

If you suffer from anxiety and are ready to take control of it and feel better, give me a call.

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