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Hi. I’m Mark Willison and I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. I have been licensed and practicing on the Monterey Peninsula since 1987, providing counseling to adult individuals and couples and to young adults 15 years and older. Over these 35+ years and in the thousands of hours I’ve spent with my clients, it’s always a privileged to witness the joy one experiences when personal discovery is attained.

Life Keeps Changing!

Much of the therapy I provide is to people experiencing difficulties associated with a major change in their life. This change might be due to a relationship break up, job loss, a move or from dealing with a serious disease, or a loved one’s struggle with illness. Change can cause a work-life imbalance, severe stress, high anxiety, and depression.

Helping You Find Solutions

Trust me, there are solutions to you feeling better, being happier and having healthier relationships. Click on the icon “Why Counseling” to read about the Solution Focused Counseling I practice. I think you’ll find it interesting

A Bit About Me

I went to school where I grew up in Bakersfield, California. I received both an undergraduate and graduate degree from the university there and did additional graduate study in hypnotherapy at UCLA and UCSB.

When I first moved to the Monterey Peninsula, I made my living as a photographer and then, as a writer for a nationally broadcasted television show. Yet, therapy work is what I love. I am married to a remarkable woman, l am an avid photographer, I enjoy hiking and I’m a pretty good golfer, yet I still consider baseball to be America’s pastime.

If you’re looking for solutions to feeling better and believe I can be of help to you, call me.

Mark Willison – 831 277 9999

Clinical Specialties

Discover why you are feeling anxious or depressed or dissatisfied in your career, your relationship or in retirement.

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Achieve a more intimate, satisfying relationship by identifying what is not working and develop solutions.

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Learn to manage and overcome your anxiety and alleviate stress and live a much more joy-filled life.

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Cooperative support with proper treatment to significantly improve your emotional reaction.

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Manage your pain and improve your recovery time.

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Improve your focus and concentration by improving your mental preparation and strategic practice.

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Improve your focus and concentration by improving your mental preparation and strategic practice.

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Providing team building and conflict resolution workshops and supervised training for all levels of personnel.

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